I had a meeting with GEW Saarland today. We talked about this issue.

They'll translate the GEW registration form into English, and add appropriate items in the form that we can relate to, e.g. PhD candidate, PostDoc, etc.

We'll collect English material that already is available in GEW, and add the related ones which can be found on the web in English, e.g. German labour law and immigration policies, and use them in GEW stands in University mensa to engage international students.

They will also try to find appropriate English speaking lawyers for tax forms and immigration issues, to at least give the information to members, if not offer the service for free to members.

Peter, the head of GEW Saarland, will talk about our ideas and issues in their meeting with other GEW branches in other states of Germany, to initiate an English language newsletter as well as federal level English registration form.

They will also decide on how and under what category to add PhD candidates and other academics, and how much to charge them as members.