Immigrants and Academia.

  • We had some discussion about immigrants and how to integrate them into German academic system.

    In Saarland at the moment there's a program which is as follows:

    • candidates attend a scientific exam
    • if they pass, they'll enter a free program in which they also learn German language
    • after a year they start as a normal student at the University of Saarland.

    In the last session of exam, only ~37 attended and only ~7 passed. Apparently the exam was in German. The suggestion is to have the exam as a multiple choice exam, and in several languages from which candidates can choose. The exam should assess their scientific abilities as well as their language skills, According to the result of the exam they'll put into appropriate levels of language learning, after which they can start at the university.

    There's a national university entrance exam in Iran every year, which I experienced myself. It's by no means perfect, but it's cost effective and possible to implement quickly for our purpose. We'll further look into it.

    I'll also check if there's any concrete plan to integrate immigrants into MPS, and if so, we'll use the information in the leaflets we propagate later.

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