Workload survival guide for academics

  • I put some citations from this Times Higher Education article below.
    The article is an interesting read clearly stating that many researchers face too much workload today with some helpful thoughts to switch habits to maybe reduce it. However, rather than adapting personal practices sometimes it might be more beneficial to most if not all involved parties to adapt systemic pressures that command the adaptation of the personal behaviour. Most stories though lost sight of the systemic aspect it seems.

    "In the evenings and weekends, I found myself constantly working on grants to keep my small team’s research alive. Weeks went by without touching an experiment, then months. Although at first it was flattering to be at the centre of things, the atmosphere soon took a sinister turn. Deadlines began to gather over my head, sucking away my oxygen. My diary slowly turned black, each square containing a dense list of tasks in increasingly small fonts. The weekend squares, once relatively free, began to take up the overspill, elbowing out the fulfilling, personal tasks I used to do much more of: writing, public engagement and political activism."

    "The bottom line in academia is really just a question: how much stress can you tolerate in life? That will dictate how you manage your activities."

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